Six of our personal favourite gadgets and accessories for vanlife that not everyone considers.

Clockwise from top:

  1. KA-BAR Becker Campanion BK2 outdoor/survival knife: Perfect heavy duty, multifunction camping knife. Works well for chopping wood, clearing spaces for the hammock, creating kindling for the fire and more
  2. Casino Illuminator 3240 watch: 100m WR, dual time zone, stopwatch, illuminated and 10 year battery life. Great understated design and low cost watch to wear while surfing.
  3. Black Diamond LED headlamp: We used our headlamps on a daily basis. Perfect as you have hands-free, bright light where you need it. Cooking dinner, washing up, crawling around under the car installing wires, going to the toilet at night… you name it
  4. iPod classic 80GB + Belkin retractable 3.5mm audio cable: Has all of our music stored on it which obviously we appreciated, especially on those 10 hour missions across South Australia and northern Queensland
  5. Logitech ‘Mobile Boom Box’: Awesome gadget paired with a MP3 player or phone. Bluetooth and aux cable connectivity, USB rechargable, batteries would last for hours of playback, great quality sound and volume. Nothing better than arriving at an isolated beach campsite after a long day driving, and the putting on your favourite music as you set up camp and prepare a meal.
  6. Double wall insulated stainless steel 300ml mug – Perfect size, hygienic, easy to clean, durable and keeps your drink insulated.

Of course there’s also the larger items for vanlife liveability; including water storage and filtration, solar shower, hammock and portable gas stove. Click here for the full article on those items.

Note: I have consciously not included a smartphone on this list. Why? Because, let’s face it, not many people leave home without a smartphone in their pocket anymore. The benefits of having a smartphone and a plan with generous data limits are numerous: Mapping, research, booking tickets, looking up camp sites, checking surf and weather forecasts, communications, social media, downloads and so on. Plus it’s a camera, torch and mp3 player in your pocket. Just don’t forget to bring a 12v USB adapter jack and spare cables!

What are your favourite gadgets and accessories to bring with you on road trips and camping excursions?

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