2004 Toyota Corolla Ascent wagon

The purchase of the Toyota Corolla was a culmination of a desire to retain a functional camper vehicle, but significantly reduce the associated expenses of a large 4WD van like the Delica.

We picked up the Corolla wagon in late 2015 after the sale of our Delica van.

Karl went about designing and constructing a folding camper system for it, based on our previous systems that we’d made.

folding camper system for wagon in action

In addition to the lightweight, removable camper system, we have also added the following upgrades:

  • Rhino Rack Vortex S2 roof bars (perfect for carrying loads of materials, kayaks, and bulky camping equipment)
  • Injection moulded weather shields on the front windows
  • Insect-proof mesh window socks for the rear passenger windows to allow airflow at night and privacy when using it as a camper
  • Moulded dash mat to reduce heat and UV damage on the dash
  • Heavy duty ‘sand trap’ floor mats to minimise mess and cleanup when camping

Corolla wagon