Due to the world-wide pandemic, we, like many others, realised in the early part of 2020 that overseas travel was not something that would be occurring any time soon.

So, like most other Aussies who all had the same sort of idea all at the same time, we went out and bought ourselves a good condition 78 series Landcruiser TroopCarrier wagon with the legendarily slow and reliable 1hz 6cl 4.2l diesel motor in it.

Finding a suitable vehicle in decent condition proved to be more challenging than we originally expected, but, after 9 months of searching and lots of dead ends, we managed to secure our vehicle at a reasonable price.

Troopy beach

The Troopy started its life as a outback hire vehicle for a small, independent 4×4 hire company based in Perth, W.A. It was sold to the previous owner, Tobi, the German engineer, in 2015. Tobi had lived in Australia for over seven years, but had to return to Germany.

Due to the current (as of February 2021) border restrictions into Australia and the scarcity of flights in to the country, Tobi knew that he had to sell his pride and joy or potentially risk having it stuck in storage for years.

When Tobi received our email  enquiry saying we were interested to buy his vehicle, he called Karl that same day and told him that we would be the perfect fit to be the new owners, as he know that the vehicle would be cared for and taken for many more adventures.

Troopy grass

From 2015 to when we bought the Troopy in early 2021, Tobi spent a lot of time and money fitting the vehicle out with heavy duty seat covers, roof rack, dual wheel carrier, central locking and alarm system, reversing camera, front and rear dash cameras, custom camper systems, overhead storage and centre console storage solutions, heat and coolant sensors, dual battery system, trickle charge solar panel, and so much more.

Troopcarrier 78 series interior

Thanks to the massive boom in recreational and touring vehicles, we are planning to fit out and use our new Troopy not only for our own personal use to explore the great north of Australia, but to also serve as a demonstration/promotional vehicles for our home-based custom campervan and up fitting service.

As we have done with our past vehicles, we aim to offer people lightweight, simple, durable and cost-effective camper conversion solutions. Our conversions are not the most elaborate, but they work, they last and they don’t require you to sell your arm/leg or first born child either.

Plans are in motion to secure a new commercial block and build a dedicated workshop for camper conversions and tiny homes. Keep an eye out on the main homepage for announcements as things progress!