Well, it’s been a minute since our last project, hasn’t it? Good news on our front is that we recently picked up this neat, 1hz equipped 78 series Landcruiser Troopcarrier.

The plan is to convert the Troopy into a solid outback tourer ready to travel the far north looking for new sights, waves and trails. We’d love to have you along for the ride!

This vehicle will double as our own personal offroad tourer, as well as the Comfortably Lost demonstration vehicle to promote our campervan and motorhome design and outfitting services. 

Troopy beach

At the moment we are busy with designs and plans, including a possible option for a hard shell roof top tent in order to allow for storage of our MTB, surfing and other outdoor gear inside the secure and protected cargo space. 

Troopcarrier 78 series interior

Whether we head in this direction, or stick with an internal bedframe with fridge slider underneath, will come down to the doc’s advice in the next fortnight.

For those that don’t follow us on social media, Jahla suffered a fractured C6 & C7 vertebrae late last year while surfing a local reef break. There’s a chance the doctors will say no to any form of MTB riding or surfing for another 6 months.. in that case we’ll stick with a basic, lightweight camper conversion with an internal bed! 

Stay tuned friends