It’s amazing how time passes when you’re either busy or having fun.

We’ve just wrapped up our second six month stint working and living in the south-west corner of Western Australia.

The past couple of weeks have been noticeably cooler and wetter as autumn winds up and the first signs of winter set in. Like migratory birds, this change in season is a subconscious signal for many living in the southern regions of Australia that it is time to travel north for warmer weather.

It feels like every second person we have spoken to in the past couple of weeks has told us that they’re also “heading north” for winter.

Really, you can’t blame them. The “winter”, known as the “dry season”, up north consists of clear, warm, sunny days and mild, dry nights. It’s the perfect weather for outdoor exploration, camping and travel.

Next week we are also heading to the far north-west of Western Australia to see family and friends, and spend the dry season working and getting some affairs in order.

On the way up we’ll spend a week in either Gnaraloo (surfing) or Exmouth (snorkelling), depending on the weather and surf forecast. Either way, it’ll be a nice little break in between work stints and other responsibilities.

While we love being on the road, there’s always a small pang of anxiety that comes with leaving, even temporarily, a place that we feel so comfortable in and have a strong affinity with.

We’ll miss the cooler weather, forests, rivers and stunning coasts of the south-west. But we’re also excited to head back north into the rugged, desert environment that Australia is known for around the world.

Changes are inevitable in life. It’s a constant reminder why we love having our home on wheels. It gives us the flexibility and freedom to change and adapt quickly and easily depending on work, family, weather, surf and other factors.

Our YouTube channel continues to grow each day. We’re hoping / planning to create and publish more content as we resume travel and break our routines.

We’ll also be sharing snippets from our journey on our social media for those that are interested.

Thank you for being part of the ride so far.

Stick around, we’re only just getting started…